Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning dirty tile and grout has become a huge issue over the past few years. Shop bought tile and grout cleaners often prove ineffective at cleaning dirty grout. Grout lines in particular tend to discolour and become mouldy very quickly.

By combining emulsification, heat, pressure and vacuum, we use a formidable tile and grout cleaning system. Tile and grout cleaning is just one application. However this innovative process not only cleans tile and grout but it lends itself to a whole range of hard surface cleaning, including non-slip safety flooring, natural stone and man made tiles.

Tiled floor cleaning is essential in swimming pools and changing rooms which tend to discolour very quickly. Once these tiled areas have been deep cleaned, the floors can have anti slip floor treatments applied which are non damaging (non-etching) and do not change the surface of the tile. Cleaning swimming pools and public toilet cleaning have become two huge growth areas for the company.

More than just floor tile cleaners

Cleaning tiled floors is just the first step. There are then various options that enable us to provide longer term protection. Protecting grout from discolouring and going mouldy is achieved by a process called colour sealing. This not only improves the aesthetic appearance of the grout but also gives years of protection from penetrating grease and grime.

Colour sealing bathrooms in Hotels has replaced the need for full grout refurbishment. In many instances we have been able to save hotel chains thousands of pounds in re-grouting and replacement costs. Additionally, once the colour sealing process has been applied to the grout lines it provides longer term protection and makes the day to day cleaning process easier.

Protecting grout and natural stone from staining can also be achieved by the use of impregnating sealers which do not change the appearance of the surface. These not only make cleaning the floor much easier but they can prevent the ingress that otherwise occurs resulting in staining when things like wine, sauce and fats are accidentally dropped on the floor.