Crime and Trauma Scene

Our staff are fully trained in the cleaning techniques of Crime Scene Cleaning.  CCS Ltd has often been called upon to carry out the sad, but necessary task, of trauma cleaning; by this we mean the cleaning up of crime scenes; accident sites, suicides and decompositions.

How can we help you

As you can imagine, these jobs not only require client confidentiality, but great care and delicacy. Our teams are always respectful of the site they are cleaning as, more often than not, someone has been seriously injured or lost their life there. We can remove residue from decomposed bodies, dried blood and body fluids from any place, be it indoors or out. We can also clean Police vehicles/cells, squats or properties not fit for people to live in.  All seen and unseen contamination is eradicated through use of specialist equipment; our technology allowing us to produce detailed analysis verifying the site is no longer hazardous.

Comprehensive Trauma Scene Cleanup

  • Effective techniques to mitigate the damage of body fluid and dried blood
  • Specialist equipment to remove seen and unseen contamination
  • Complete Client confidentiality
  • Professional service – treat with compassion, respect and dignity at all times.
  • Approved waste carrier

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      We are Proud Members of the National Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners