Needle Sweep. Flea Infestation & Waste Removal

We have recently sent some of our colleagues on a Crime Scene Cleaning Course.  This has proved very informative and has led to work almost immediately.  This week we were called to 2 flea infestations 1 needle sweep and a house clearance of a drug den.  We have had Hepatitis B jabs and have purchased all the appropriate PPE required to complete the job as safely as possible, this includes a pair of Hexarmour Gloves (£285.00) expensive, however with needles you can never be too sure.

We also trained in Police cell/car cleaning, suicides and restoration after body decompositions, this would include removing the carpet where the body is and possibly the floor underneath as body fluids can permeate right through the carpet and into the floor.

We are now members on The Academy of Crime Scene Cleaners